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Our nature friendly, village-like accommodation is designed in a very simple way but with modern necessary conveniences like free WiFi, attached bathrooms, balcony with beautiful landscapes, hot shower, necessary furniture, located on the lap of Mount Annapurna and mother nature with lush greenery where different life forms live in ectasy and harmony. At present, we have two different types of accomodation at Atmashree Yoga Retreat, to suit different needs and budgets. 

1.Shared House - It's a house designed with a purpose of living together like a family. There are 3 individual separate rooms and a living/common room ( for those who wants to work or study late night). There are 2 common bathrooms for those who are staying in the particular house.The maximum number of people accomodated in the house is 6. You have the option to choose shared or private room in shared house.

2.Private Room - Private rooms are separate to shared house and are individual. Rooms are double bedded, well furnished, private balcony with landscape view, attached bathroom with towels and tissues.


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