Daily Schedule

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety.

Atmashree  is a place where simple living is emphasized to live yogic discipline & lifestyle to enhance the quality of body,mind & emotions to perform at its best.The yoga programs here is a complete science of harmonious living,suitable for everyone,regardless of age,nationality,religion or level of fitness.The retreat here is a complete day to day program which addresses all sphere of human life to regain the peace of mind and the vital energy of body.The program is that it slowly grows on one & it is totally upto the practioner to decide how much to implement.So be free to visit us anytime during the day & learn more about the yoga style,technique,teaching method & many more.

6:00am:-Sunrise Meditation-Silent Walk/Mantra Chanting

7:00am:-Shatkarmas(cleansing Practices) & Herbal Tea

7:45am:-Hatha,Vinayasa & Ashtanga Yoga Practices



12:00pm:-Yoga Nidra,Singing Bowl Meditation,Questioning & Answering on Yoga


2:00pm:-Free Time(visit to local places)

4:30pm:-Tea Time

5:00pm:-Hatha,Vinayasa & Ashtanga Yoga Practices


8:00pm:-Chanting(kirtans & mantras)/Trataka(Intense Meditation Practice)/Japa Yoga


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