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Intensive Chakra Balancing Course
$595 Share room
$695 Private room

Yoga Sadhana: Simply defined the goal of Science of Yoga through yogic practices and lifestyle is Self Knowledge ( Brahma Vidyayam Yoga Shastre as per Bhagwat Gita). Thus the yogic process involves transcending one's awareness from body consciousness, from mind (thoughts) consciousness to proceed on the path of internalising one's awareness towards intuitive knowledge to Self knowledge. 

Blessed Yoga Enthusiasts,

Welcome to this unique opportunity to participate  in this " Intensive Yoga Retreat with a Focus on Chakras".This intensive retreat will be guided under an experienced monk(saint) who has lived his spiritual life in full and is willing to share his experience,wisdom and knowledge with Atmashree Yoga.You can find his details in the link below. http://www.atmashreeyoga.com/team/detail/16

A spiritual aspirant who adopts yogic practices as a part of his daily life for the traditional aim of internalising his awareness awakens the 'Life Force", the "Prana" within his body. This awakening of Prana leads to purification of the nadis in the subtle body within the physical body. The purification of the nadis becomes an event and the aspirant tends to get stuck in a mental behavioural mode and is unable to move further to a higher altered state of consciousness. The Yogic approach is aimed at opening of the chakras which thereby allows one to attain altered higher states of consciousness. Thus, the purpose of opening the chakras through 'Chakra Sadhana' is to transcend a transient mental mode of thinking and ruminating to proceed towards intuitive knowledge.The tools for Chakra Sadhana are varied individually and a combination of Pranayama (incorporating Mudras, Bandhas and Kumbhak), Mantra(as a Japa as well as seed sounds and syllables as well as meditation) and Meditation besides the daily need for shatkarmas and balancing asana practices. The aim of the practices being to develop intense concentration on the Chakras so as to awaken them.

This retreat is a prelude to a " Chakra Sadhana Retreat" which will be followed by "Kriya  Yoga Retreat" for Kundalini Sadhana in future.Chakra Yoga Retreat: for unfoldment of higher states of Consciousness. To access the Chakras the path will be through

Asanas:- Stillness of the Body

Pranayama:- Stillness of the Breath

Pratyahara:- Stillness of the Senses

Dharana:- Stillness and Focus of the Mind.

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Shared base room cost $595/perperson
Private base room cost $695/perperson

1.A balanced set of Yoga practices to awaken Prana - the subtle life force within resulting in 

2.Purification of Nadis

3.Also simultaneously inclusion of practices to locate and stimulate the Chakras followed by practices 

4.To purify the subtle Sushumna nadi and proceed finally to all chakras activation in a combined practice. 

5.Thus, the participants will proceed from

•  Stillness of Body - transcending awareness from body consciousness to 

•  Stillness of Breath leading to ability of directing the awakened Pranas.

•  Stillness of senses leading to internal awareness through relaxation finally progressing to

•  Stillness of mind leading to ability of intense concentration to awaken the Chakras. 

6.Purpose:To explore the location of the Chakras,Stimulating the Chakras followed by intense concentration to awaken the chakras by the  vehicle named (A RACE)

•  A-Alertness leading to

•  R-Relaxation

•  A-Awareness expansion leading to

•  C-Concentration leading to

•  E-Evolution,& Self Regulation to an altered higher state of Consciousness..

7.The practices will be combinations of :

•  Shattkarmas ( Hatha Yoga cleansing practices)

•  Mantras ( includes Beej Mantras and Mantra Meditations)

•  Asanas ( Specific to Chakras and Balanced set of Practices) 

•  Pranayamas ( including Kumbhaka ie Breath Retention along with Mudras and Bandhas) 

•  Meditation Practices (Yoga Nidras, Chakra Nidras, Antar Mouna and Ajapajapa as well as Trataka)

•  Kirtans and Havan.

•  Japa Meditation

•  Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation(Sound Healing Therapy)

Full boarded meals 

All taxes and fees

Bottled water

Free Wi-Fi

Herbal tea

Personal guidance

Yoga mats

Rooms with ensuite bathrooms

Power supply 24hrs

Warm water for shower

Clean & tidy environment 


Dining area


Yoga shala

Arrival-1st October 2019

•  Orientation

•  with Havan(Fire Ceremony)

Departure-8th April 2019

•  Farewell

•  with Havan(Fire Ceremony)

Daily Schedule

5.30am-7.30 am Shatkarmas and Asanas

8.00am Breakfast

10.30am-12.00pm Specific Practices for Chakras, Pranayama and Prana Vidya

1.0opm Lunch

4.30pm- 6.00pm Hatha Yoga Advance Practices

6.00pm-7.00pm Revision of Specific Practices followed by Chakra Nidras and Meditations

7.00pm Dinner

8:00pm- Kirtans & Mantra Chanting

1.Our course payments are pre-contracted.In any circumstance, the fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable, unless the course is cancelled by the yoga retreat center. The fees are also non-negotiable.

2. You are earnestly requested to kindly respect your fellow students,teachers,people and the Nepali culture.

3. The management reserves the right to terminate/ expel any participants who do not abide by the above rules, are disruptive or abusive to the place, teachers or other participants. (which may include, by way of example, violence, excessive use of bad language, threatening behavior or inappropriate sexual activities). In the event of a participants being expelled due to a breach of the rules, no refund of fees shall be given.

4. Please ensure you read and understand the above terms and conditions which are to be followed by all participant

5.Atmashree Yoga and its counterpart shall not be responsible for any change and alteration in the program due to unavoidable circumstances such as landslide, road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest, and cancellation of flight, delay arrival, sickness or accidents.

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