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What to Bring?

What to Bring?

What to Bring For Your Stay at Atmashree

-Torch (important) & extra batteries

-Water bottle

-Warm, comfortable clothes from October to April and Summer clothes from May to September

-Slippers while at Atmashree and walking shoes(snickers) for morning silent hikes

-Any specialty dietary foods or snacks (We cater to vegan, dairy free and gluten free diets)

-Any pharmaceuticals/medications needed for your stay

-Personal toiletries

-Alarm clock

-Writing material or notebooks

-Headphones for any electronics with sound

-Ear plug



-Mostirizing cream 

-An open heart and mind

Other considerations

-We are smoke free. Please abstain from smoking on the grounds during your stay.

-In consideration of others, please refrain from wearing strong perfumes or cologne.

-Please note that we do not serve coffee at Atmashree but we do have several nice herbal tea options including black tea.

Please Do NOT Bring!

-Alcohol and recreational drugs

-Meat products

-Items needing refrigeration- we have very limited space (medicines excepted)


-Electric heaters, kettles, hair dryers (our power system cannot handle them)


Atmashree is half an hour away from any shops, banks or Internet cafes. Please attend to any needs in town before you come to Atmashree.

What to Bring For Yoga and Trekking 

-Winter Socks

-Winter Gloves

-Half sleeves T-shirt

-Full sleeves  T-shirt 

-Neck Scalf

-Wollen Hat

-Wind & water proof trekking pant

-Lower Thermal

-Upper Thermal

-Down Jacket

-Personal Toiletries

-Sun Glasses

-Thermos/Water bottle

-Protein Bars

-Head Torch


-Mostirizing cream 

-Trekking boots

-Bag Cover



-Required Medicines 

-Flip flops

-Power bank

-Knee cap

-Trekking sticks(we provide )

-Yoga mats(we provide )

-Sleeping bag(we provide )

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