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This retreat takes place in Pokhara, Nepal. Pokhara is well known for the Greenery, Himalayas and Nature. Located in the geographical western central part of Nepal, Pokhara is the famous for its nature, greenery, mountains, lakes, hiking trails, amazing sunrise and sunset.

Lakeside is the most popular place in Pokhara, a Mecca for travellers, aircraft pilots, paragliders, and trekkers from all corners of the world. The environment in Pokhara is so suitable for peace and calmness. It is located in the Himalayan foothills beside lakes and hills.

Many people from different parts of the world come to Nepal for a Yoga retreat course. 

Enjoy the scenic nature and peaceful ambience at one of the best yoga schools in Nepal. The unique yoga meditation retreat, yoga Immersion program and yoga teacher training course at Atmashree Yoga School, is famous across the world. 

The place in itself is in the midst of nature surrounded by thick forest overlooking the Fewa Lake and a vast beautiful picturesque landscape. On the opposite of green hills there is huge snow capped Annapurna Mountains which are one of the tallest mountain in the world.


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