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Why Yoga in Himalayas?

Why Yoga in Himalayas?

Evolved by the sages over thousands of years ago, Yoga is a holistic system for rebalancing the mind, body and spirit which elevates the level of human consciousness and results in a state of eternal bliss. There can be no better place to learn and practice the ancient art of Yoga in Himalayas amidst the majestic mountains and serene valleys of the Himalayas which is believed to be the locus origins of Yoga itself.

1.Here are the top four reasons why you should choose to unwind yourself with Yoga in Himalayas .

• Himalayas with its lush green forests of pines, cedars etc, snow-capped peaks and secluded valleys traversed by serpentine roads offer the perfect backdrop to practice Yoga. The quiet and serene environs of the Himalayas provide the ideal setting to indulge in meditation. The calm atmospheres there shielded from the hustle-bustle of savage city life provides yogis with an opportunity to embark on a self-exploratory and transforming journey. Such awe-inspiring nature’s beauty and serenity provides an automatic source of inspiration for yoga and meditation.

• The weather of the region, especially in the foothills of Himalayas, is perfect for practicing Yoga as the pleasant weather of Himalayas in the summers makes their yoga learning experience comfortable.

• Besides being resplendent in beauty, Himalayas are also enormously endowed with culture and heritage. A number of places in the mountains especially around Annapurna have some spiritual connection. Many Tibetan monasteries and ancient Hindu temples dot the region. The spiritually charged atmosphere of Himalayas is a blessing in disguise for the yogis practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama in the Himalayas.

• While it is mainly yoga that attracts yogis from all over the world, to the Himalayan region, the mountains and valleys accommodate many popular tourist destinations. The region has something on offer for all kinds of travelers from spiritually inclined souls to adventure seekers, from explorers and nature-enthusiasts. While learning yoga in the region, students take out time and indulge in activities as mountaineering, sightseeing, paragliding, water-rafting, rappelling etc. Himalayas also offer gastronomic delight to foodies who can gorge on local delicacies of the region, Tibetan,Nepalese,Indian and international cuisines.

 2.What is the Spiritual importance of the Himalayas?

The best answer of this question can be experienced if one travels in Himalayas of Nepal. While you are walking or travelling through the himalayas, you would see only nature, forests, hills, birds, animals, blue skies, lakes, ponds, tall trees etc. You can feel the cold air blowing there, this make you feel cool and let you mull over the beauty.

When you reach at highest, you feel like that you have got all the things, after a long walk in with the difficult journey. There is a saying that, difficult roads often lead to the beautiful destinations.Travelling through the himalayas isn't a easy task. You can see everything struggling for surviving, treed, herbs, birds, animals and even people. The environment is peaceful and as well the people too.

Our Veidic civilization, 5000 years old, also says that himalayas are the spiritual zone.It is because only sages and saints could sustain living with cold. The himalayas are peaceful,tranquil,calm and filled with high amount of positive energy so for meditation,himalayas used to be best place, at that time and even today also. Still it is believed that celestial beings resides in himalayas.

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