Clients Testimonial

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety.

Amazing Experience

This retreat was the highlight of my trip. I've done a few things in Nepal, but nothing compared to Atmashree. I participated in the 4 day yoga retreat and the 6 day trekking to Poonhill. The yoga instructors are both knowledgeable and super nice. They are very accommodating and really work hard. The food was absolutely amazing. It was cooked by one of the yoga instructor's wife. The retreat provided 4 yoga sessions per day. I learnt so much from the practices. Even moreso, I survived the trekking experience because of yoga. I was not sore after all of the intense hiking. Thank you Atmashree for the wonderful experience! This was the authenticity I was looking for!

Danielle Verrault

Amazing Authentic Yoga Experience

 We went to Atmashree for @ a week and had an incredible time. We had our young son (11yrs old) and we all really loved the place - the family - the view - the quiet spot by the lake out of busy Pokhara - the food - and the wonderful Yoga! The programme they delivered was so authentic and inspiring - I highly recommend it to any travelling yogi’s or anyone wanting to give it a go – It’s an holistic real experience of yoga covering all aspects - chanting, meditation, asanas, cleansing, rituals, food and experiencing the kindness of the family. All and all a fantastic experience that we will forever carry in our hearts. My son dipped in and out of the yoga and soaked up the learnings – he was especially influenced & remembers the mantra we chanted 108 times at the fire havan. Mantra Prem and Atma Pradeep and all the family are simply the best!

Jennie Jackson
New Zealand

Amazing,Mind Opening Experience

This is a really special place. The instructors - Raj and Mantra - are kind and welcoming, and the yoga practice is holistic and accessible, but also challenging to the right degree.Yoga practices include energising, active classes, but also deep meditation exercises and mantra chanting. The latter is particularly special, as the instructors are both talented musicians. If you've never tried it, take my word for it chanting Sanskrit mantras with the music of tabla and harmonium is really amazing.The instructors are also really knowledgeable about yoga in general, and can answer any questions you have about theory, history, medical benefits and so on.What's more, the out-of-class experience is just as much a part of this place. Sita, the hostess, cooks incredible Nepali food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you get a taste of real Nepali family life. Beds are comfortable, rooms are clean and spacious, and there's a great view of the lake from the balcony of every floor.

United Kingdom

Yoga Teacher Training Course

I studied yoga with Raj for 4 weeks during a 200hrs TTC and can honestly say it was the best experience I had during my stay in Nepal.  I learned so much under his unique and invigorating teaching style it impossible for me to give him a higher recommendation.  He even created his own style of Yoga massage that is probably the best yoga massage system being taught today.

Paul Tipping

Life Changing Experience

I stayed for 5 days on my first visit, and had to get back for a full month of hatha yoga intensive training. Teachers are wonderful, with a deep understanding of yoga in all levels, body, mind and soul. The atmosphere in Atmashree is peaceful and relaxed, in a wonderful setting next to Fewa lake.And food is absolutely amazing! Missing it already. Definitely a great place to stay and deepen yoga practice,Hope to be back soon.


1 Month Hatha Yoga Retreat-Truly Yogic

Atmashree has been nothing short of a life changing experience. The whole schedule incorporates all parts of yoga and living in a yogic way. The teachers, the authenticity of their practice and knowledge, the food, the family and the location are simply fantastic. I would strongly recommend this place as someone to learn what yoga is truly about. The classes are aimed at all levels and adjustments and variations tailored to each person's ability are provided. I am by no means an intermediate or advanced yogi but as a beginner I saw significant improvements in my practice on a physical and spiritual level.A lot of people who came and went for 5 days either came back or wish they had stayed for longer. The whole establishment is ran by one lovely and welcoming family. All the teachers know their stuff and are so patient and supportive whilst also knowing when to push you. I highly reccomend this place to anyone who wants to learn more or deepen their practice further. Whether you're completely new or an advanced yogi!Thank you so much Atmashree, I hope we get to come again one day soon!!! ✌️️

Sam Beeston

At home in the Himalayas Kind Friends

Katie my friend and travelling companion and I are so delighted to have found this friendly welcoming place of peace on the outskirts of Pokhara. We are both yoga teachers in Ireland and are always looking to broaden our experience. Here at Atmashree we were delightfully immersed in so much lovely movement, chant, sacred sound from Tingsha, Singing bowls, Harmonium and most beautiful of all the gentle voice of Mantra the lead teacher and manager. My knee was 'crocked' and so I unable to actively participate in the yoga class, but everyone was happy for me to sit in. The food, the view over the lake, the welcome and of course Mantra the beautiful young man who holds the sacredness in this place made this a very special will be back again experience.


Patrick Dillane

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