About Us

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety.
Yoga teacher traning in pokhara

Atmashree Yoga School & Retreat Center offers a sanctuary space where people from all walks of life can experience authentic yoga, yogic living and learning how to find balance in daily life. Situated on the lap of mother Annapurna in Pokhara, Nepal, it’s the go-to yoga retreat for an authentic yoga experience, and a gentle stepping stone for anyone wishing to explore simple traditional ashram living.

ATMA means "Soul" and SHREE means "Beauty & Brilliance" thus going through a process of purification and transformation, awakening the beauty and brilliance of soul.

Whether you’ve never tried yoga before and are curious of “what it’s all about” or are already a yoga teacher and are hungry to deepen your knowledge, Atmashree has everything you may need to bring into your daily life. Our yoga courses, workshops and retreats are running all year long at its best with everything inclusive. 

The place in itself is in the midst of nature surrounded by thick forest overlooking the Fewa Lake and a vast beautiful picturesque landscape. On the opposite of green hills there is huge snow capped Annapurna Mountains which are one of the tallest mountain in the world.

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