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  • yoga in pokhara
  • yoga in pokhara
  • yoga in pokhara
  • yoga in pokhara
  • yoga in pokhara


The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.

WHY Atma Shree Yoga

“Give your life some new energy.”

Here are some reasons to choose Atmashree Yoga

1.Atmashree Yoga Retreat is based on the principles of ashram living. An Ashram is traditionally a place dedicated to personal transformation through yogic practice and self-enquiry with the support of a community of aspirants. 

2.Atmashree is located on the lap of giant Annapurna himalayas, beautifully surrounded by green hills and fewa lake. You will feel completely immersed in nature. 

3.Every single day starts with silent walk or meditation in nature, 90 mins of morning and evening hatha yoga, 30 mins of yoga nidra or yogic sleep and 30 mins of guided meditation which will bring you into the state of peacefulness, calmness and deep relaxation. 

4.All yoga classes are taught by teachers having teaching and learning experiences from last 15 years and long. All teachers are residential at Atmashree and we make sure that you receive most out of it, individually as well as collectively. 

5.Everyone who comes to Atmashree is seeking something. Whether it’s time out from a busy work life, to find deeper meaning in their life, expand their yoga practice, seeking a spiritual sanctuary and supportive community, or to live a completely different lifestyle. We all come together with a desire to grow, learn and explore, which makes it easy to connect with one another.

6.There are many different types of retreat experiences offered here throughout the year. If you are entirely new to yoga, our signature weeklong Yoga Immersion Retreat may be just what you are looking for. There is seriously something for everyone here.

7.Every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday, people at Atmashree sing, chant, dance, play music, havana and connect to their hearts during ecstatic chants. 

8.Havan – Sacred fire Ceremony. At Atmashree, we have havan every Saturday which is an ancient fire ceremony performed to invoke and connect with nature and the cosmic energies.

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