Mantra - Senior Yoga Teacher

Sn. Mantra Prem first came in touch with yoga at the age of 17,little did he know it would become such a big part of his  life. As a science student,Mantra developed an interest  in Yoga only after a physical & mental  turn of events which became completely the center of his daily life. Yoga isn't just the asanas but for him yoga has become a way of living, and he believe very much in yoga being "medicine" for everyone's mind, body, and soul, in a lot of different and unique ways! Things really fell into place for him  and he is  looking forward to contining on this illuminating path of gaining knowledge and more importantly inner wisdom and most of all love, and helping spread this little by little.

Mantra's actual training began when he came in presence with Swami Niranjananda Saraswati(Spiritual Successor of Swami Satyananda Saraswati) in 2012 where he was trained under the guidance of Swamiji under Yogic and Spiritual discipline. His intense training continued for the period of 5 years where he learned the art of living the life with total  awareness, confidence, happiness and all in with fullness.

His main interest of learning was more towards the Kirtans & Mantra Yoga where he developed his unique skills to use different musical  instruments while chanting the mantras and take the students into the deeper states of consciousness.

Further his yogic schooling continued in classical Hatha yoga, Raja yoga,Meditation and Yoga Nidra from internationally renowed schools of yoga(Bihar School of Yoga) . His beginning years were in Kathmandu in a yoga center close to his home where he studied yoga and philosophy for 2 years. He is also a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Academy, India.

Now he is now fulltime yoga instructor based at Atmashree yoga in Pokhara & gives classes on hatha yoga,mantra chanting,nada yoga,raja yoga,meditation & yoga nidra .He introduces different musical instrument such as Harmonium, tibetian singing bowl,drum and cymbals in his yoga classes to deepen the experience of yoga.


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