Surya - Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training

Yogic  journey  starts  when you begin to connect yourself with the spirit of serve,love and give and it happened to Sannyasi  Adityaratna  in 2004A.D when he was first introduced to Rikhia Ashram –The place where highest form of yoga sadhana(SERVE,LOVE & GIVE)  is lived and practised.Living there from the age of 16 initially for 7 months then after returning back to Kathmandu and continuing his yogic journey in a yoga center in Kathmandu from 2004-2010.

He dedicated himself in learning,teaching and promoting yoga practices(Hatha Yoga,Raja Yoga & Meditation) involving in different activities of the center.In 2008,he went to India to deepen his yogic wisdom and knowledge for 4 months yogic studies course to the 1st yoga university-Bihar Yoga Bharati founded by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati .

From 2010 to 2014,he was in Bangalore teaching yoga in an ashram,private classes and workshops.After a long terms teaching experience in India,he returned back in Nepal and continued sharing his knowledge amongst the people of all races from different parts of world until he was found by the team of Atmashree.Presently he is a full time engaged yoga teacher with Atmashree and all of you are most  welcome to learn and practice in his presence.

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