Raj - Senior Yoga Teacher

Unity in diversity, it is what makes the practice of yoga so unique and personalized, surrendering to this path brings profound life experiences and endeavors. With this thought behind & self discipline,grown up in a yogic environment since his childhood to yoga ashram close to his home,started his yoga journey at the age of 12.It was at this time that he was introduced to many yoga practices & discipline. Later he went to Bihar yoga Bharati,the first yoga university in the world,for 4 months to be certified with higher Yogic studies in yogic science. After completing his course,he established himself in an yoga ashram in Kathmandu as a yoga instructor & further continued his yogic journey. It has been now more than 20 years,he has involved himself in living,promoting & teaching yoga for mankind.During this period,he visited many Asian,European & American countries as a yoga instructor to conduct yoga classes,workshpos & seminar for private yoga centres.Now as a full time dedicated yoga instructor of Atmashree Yoga,he has permanently established himself at the retreat center to continue his Yoga journey.He is a Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher in a centre & beside that,he is also a professional musician

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