About Us

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety.
Yoga teacher traning in pokhara

Retreat Timetable 

*6:00 Meditation:

Varies from day to day between Japa Meditation, Antar Mouna, Mantra Meditation, Breath Meditation, Singing Bowl Meditation or Silent walk

*06:30 Jala Neti followed by tea

Yogic nasal cleansing with neti pot and grounding practices in the garden(once in a 3 days) 

*07:30 Morning Yoga with group

Pranayama & Morning Yoga Flow

*09:00 Breakfast - Varies from day to day

*12:00 Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls, & Yoga Philosophy or Dynamic Meditation or Cyclic Meditation 

*13:00 Lunch - Thakali Set

*16:00 Herbal Tea Time

*17:00 Evening Yoga Flow 

*19:00 Dinner - Varies from day to day

*20:00 Evening Meditation Or Havan(Fire Ceremony) on every Saturday with Mantras and Kirtans 

*21:00 Retire

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